Promote your company by sending mailings to BBC Members

The Belgian Business Chamber offers you the possibility to send information about your company’s successes, awards, changes, updates and/or special offers to a very specific target group of businesspeople in Poland - the BBC Members.

The aim of this service is to improve communication among our Members and additionally to enable selected companies outside the BBC to present themselves to the Member community. Moreover, Members also have the possibility to introduce themselves to other companies in a more detailed way.

The information is most likely to be placed in the e-mails as a .jpg document with a hyperlink to the company’s website, and with a pdf attachment if needed. Please take a look at the exemplary visualization.


Advertise your company with a banner on the BBC website

One of the most effective ways of promoting a company, and its products or services, is internet advertising. It increases your company’s visibility and, at the same time, optimises the positioning of your company on the web. Therefore the BBC offers you the possibility to place an advertisement for your company as a banner on the BBC website.

This offer refers to a horizontal banner (1200 x 200 px) visible on the home page and also located in the middle section of our website (below the 'News’ and ‘Events’ sections).
Please see the example below.

For more detailed information and pricing, please contact: , tel.: +48 22 456 40 09

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