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We believe that every company can be great and every person live a full life. We want to change the world to a place where when people go to sleep they cannot wait for the next day. LEAN is our passion. We are the leader of the Lean transformation in Poland. We have over 13 years of experience and over 70,000 people covered by transformations and development programs.

Leanpassion - we believe that companies can be great and people happy! Our activity is based on the proprietary Lean Strategy methodology, the aim of which is to ensure such conditions for the organization in which all employees are involved in winning: Everybody, every day, consciously (work according to the role) implements the company's business context (mission, vision, values, strategic goals), at the same time identifying and eliminating waste. We help to fight the biggest business pathologies while supporting the company in the context of growth (2x market), people's involvement (rotation <5%), development (adaptability) and productivity (2x market). We support our transformations with technology, proprietary applications: Sherlock Waste - building commitment to continuous improvement and problem solving, and Lean Process Excellence - enabling analysis of the current state, which is the foundation for work on process improvement. We have already completed over 120 transformations in services and over 90 in production from leading clients on the market, eg: (Infosys, mLeasing, Amway Business SCE, Mars, PZU, Credit Agricole, Iglotex, Adamed, Solaris, Fresh Logistic, Medicover, EMC Instytut Medyczny, Kompania Piwowarska, Indykpol) with results reflected, among others, in the financial results of our clients (ROI 6-8 months, 20-60% increase in productivity). Find out how to increase your employees' productivity and commitment at the same time!

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Strategic consulting Member since 2018
Warszawa 02-146


Democo Poland has been successfully operating on the Polish construction market since 1994. Our company is a fully autonomous entity being a member of the Democo Group based in Belgium.

Democo Group has been active on the European market for nearly 40 years and we can, therefore, make use of our vast experience and know-how in the course of the implementation of real estate investment projects. As a General Contractor, we have completed all kinds of construction projects, mainly industrial facilities along with accompanying infrastructure, but also office projects and residential and public buildings that meet the highest standards.

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Construction Member since 2016
Anna Dolska ul. Sowia 6/1
Tarnowo Podgórne 62-080

Denys NV

Construction Member since 2018
Bart De Laere Industrieweg 124
Gent 9032


A consulting company providing full operational support to entities aiming to develop their business in Eastern Europe.

We offer: market studies, strategic consulting, market entry, sales development, investment, recruitment, sourcing and tailor-made services. With 20 years of experience and more than 30 consultants in 10 countries, we provide on-field competencies and results-oriented services.

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Corporate Advisory Member since 2013 for members -10%
Cédric Fromont ul. Feldmana 4/7
Kraków 31-130

ILD nv

ILD designs, builds and funds industrial property on stand-alone greenfield sites all over Europe. Our built-to-suit approach combines maximum flexibility with competitive pricing.

ILD creates value in its industrial property solutions by integrating the industrial processes in the building concept through intelligent design and by combining in-house expertise with local know-how and market sense.

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Real Estate Member since 2011
Frank Van haesendonck Gebuurtestraat 2
Gent 9052

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