BBC Management & Auditors

Board 2020/2022

Pierre Detry - Chairman of the Board

Pierre Detry is the founder and CEO of BZEN Sp z o o in Poland and BZEN SPRL in Belgium, manufacturing and selling e-bikes for urban commuting. Belgian, married with Tatiana and father of 5 kids. They arrived in Poland in 2011 as part of Pierre’s carrier at Nestlé. Pierre worked 27 years as an expatriate for Nestlé and he was the President and CEO for Nestlé Poland and the Baltic states. Pierre and Tatiana felt in love with Poland and more specifically with the Polish culture and the people. “We love the country and the people. Polish people often underestimate the quality of life in Poland. It is an amazing place to live …”

Pierre has the benefit to having a solid experience as part of a worldwide corporation and over the last years, he successfully became an entrepreneur, coaching young start-ups and launching his own BZEN e-bikes business.

His passion for people, innovation and life quality improvement has been the main drivers of his professional journey.

As President of the BBC, Pierre wants to reinforce initiatives that can help leading the transformation of the economy and the society in general. As examples, he named:

  • Diversity and more specifically the role of women in the society
  • Equality and non-discrimination
  • Start-ups and new business model – idea

He also mentioned the importance of generating short term value for the BBC members and for their communities via

  • Organizing valuable events in focused area
  • Reinforcing the constructive and fruitful cooperation with the Embassy and the regions
  • Create a positive and fun atmosphere within the BBC ecosystem, generating social and business bond.

Michaela Martinek - Vice - Chairwoman of the Board

Michaela Martinek is the CEO of the VGD Sp. z o.o., providing services in tax, accounting, payroll and business consulting. Born in Czech republic, she connected her professional and private life with Poland when she moved here in 2013. She is managing the local team successfully for more than 5 years. Michaela has always been tempted by new challenges connecting with new market. She and her VGD team prepares tax and HR seminars for Belgian and Polish clients.  

She graduated the Technical University Ostrava, Czech republic, with Magister degree in economy. She speaks Czech, English, Polish and Slovak fluently.

Michaela began her career in external audit in PRG Schultz, American recovery audit company, and continued to internal audit department in Metro Group and continuously improves her knowledge in different fields, management, human resources, taxes and internal audit. She is graduate of Labor Law Masters in Poland.

Michaela is yoga instructor and loves an active lifestyle, she and her partner Waldemar live in Warsaw and share their passions with beloved dog Charlie.

Cynthia de Pauw - Treasurer

Cynthia De Pauw is the Business Development Manager of CIRIL Poland, the Polish development branch of DEMOCO GROUP. The DEMOCO GROUP, based in Belgium is already present in Poland since 1994 with their construction company DEMOCO Poland.

She graduated in Belgium with a Bachelor’s degree Management and a Bachelor’s degree Real Estate Management. She is fluent in Dutch, French and English language with a good comprehension of the Polish language.

Cynthia started her career in Belgium, as a manager of Raptor, being a company acting on the international public market for equipment of army and special forces. Since 2000 she is active in the real estate business with experience as manager of a real estate agency and later on as an acquisition manager for a Belgian residential developer.

In 2017 she came to Poland, improved her overall knowledge of the local market and established a new residential development branch for a Belgian developer. This positive and successful experience lead her to join the DEMOCO GROUP, for whom she will also establish a residential branch in Poland.

Cynthia has 2 very supportive children, Chloé and Guillaume, who are living in Belgium and whom she meets during the weekend. She first targeted to become a musician and plays violin, piano and cello. As she is passionate by wine, she also graduated as wine connoisseur, sommelier and obtained a degree in viticulture.

Nathalie Bortels - Member of the Board

I started my career at Deloitte & Touch as Financial Auditor before joining Agfa Gevaert in 1999, where I occupied several Financial Positions in Controlling and Mergers and Acquisitions.

I joined Umicore in 2014 as Manager IT planning and Controlling. In 2018 I was appointed Site Manager of Umicore Poland.

Umicore is building a new plant in Nysa to produce cathode materials for Li-ion rechargeable batteries. The plant is due to start production in the first half of 2021.

Cathode materials can be considered as the main component of Li-ion batteries. Most of the cathode materials produced in Nysa will be used in Li-ion batteries for electric cars.

The investment in a battery materials plant in Nysa is part of the strategic growth path of the Umicore Group. It will be Umicore's first cathode materials factory in Europe. The new investment will play a key role in the transition to clean mobility and will support a sustainable development of the high technology industry.

The new plant will create new jobs and expects to employ 400 skilled employees.

Umicore has a long track record in metals and materials processing. Our state-of-the art processes live up to the highest environment, health and safety standards. We will ensure that any emissions to water or air will be below the most stringent environmental standards.

Favourite Quote: "The measurement of a leader is not the number of people who serve him but the number of people he serves" John C. Maxwell.

Passions: tennis, reading books, exploring Poland (cities and nature), dinners with family and friends 

André Boulanger- Member of the Board

Graduated with magna cum laude distinction in 1986 from Université Libre de Bruxelles. After graduating, joined Crédit Communal de Belgique (now Belfius Bank) and worked there until joining Banque Paribas Belgium in 1989, when he became Branch Manager in Brussels. Subsequently became Deputy Head of Risk Department for Banque Paribas Belgium. In 1994, moved to Banque Paribas France where he was a Vice President in charge of European subsidiaries’ commercial banking activities. He moved back to Belgium in 1998 to become Head of Corporate Banking. After the BNP and Paribas merger, in 2000, became Head of the Corporate and Investment Banking activities. From 2002 continued career in BNP Paribas France Structured Finance division as Head of Acquisition Finance and Loan Structuring Continental Europe. In 2005 he became the Head of Corporate Coverage for Central and Eastern Europe. From 2007 to 2010 he was appointed as Global Head of Corporate and Transaction Banking. Then he was named the CEO and Chief Country Officer of BNP Paribas Netherlands. In 2014 nominated as Chief Operating Officer Corporate Banking Europe and in 2015 he became Chief Operating Officer EMEA Region.

Since 2017 he has served as Chairman of the Management Board of BNP Paribas JSC and Chief Country Officer in Russia. Since 2018 he has been a member of the Management Board of BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. supervising the CIB Banking Area.

Christian Dekoninck - Member of the Board

Currently active as Senior Associate MCE (Management Centre Europe – Brussels). Delivering Open Enrolment workshops and customised solutions to companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Main areas of focus; Strategy Implementation, Leadership Development, Change management, Service and Sales Excellence, Negotiation skills and Communication/ Presentation skills

Professional background: Expertise in Leadership and Sales Management after a career of 20 years in key sales and general management roles in the banking industry. A proven track record of being an agent of change positively impacting the sales and financial results for different banks in Belgium, France, Germany and Poland by leading very large Branch networks and thousands of people. Strong focus on both Employee and Customer Satisfaction were at all time the corner stones to success. Able to focus on delivering results both short and long term and to motivate people to align to strategy and to go the extra mile. Hands on approach with special attention to coaching and development of the team on different levels.

Education and qualifications: Christian holds a Master in Law degree from the University of Leuven, Belgium. Accreditations; Insights Discovery, Firo-B, ASTD, certified virtual trainer Christian is Belgian and lives in Warsaw. He speaks English, French and Dutch fluently.

Bruno Lambrecht - Member of the Board

Bruno Lambrecht is the General Manager of CFE in Poland since 2009.  He is Belgian born in 1971 and loves to live and work in Poland already for more then 15 years.  He is a graduate of the faculty of civil engineering at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) with the title of civil engineer.  During his more than 20-years career, he has used his experience in designing, engineering and management in the construction sector, working in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Arab Emirates and in Poland. Before taking up the position of General Director in CFE Polska, he worked successively as an tender engineer, site engineer, project manager and Regional Manager in CFE. Achieved success and experience gained, among others, during supervising the implementation several retail and industrial projects contributed to his promotion. Consequently, he became General Director of CFE Polska in 2009.  He is now a seasoned people manager with true believe that the success is achieved through partnerships and continuous improvement of work methods.

In July 2012, Bruno Lambrecht was elected Chairman of the Board of the Belgian Business Chamber. He embraced this position until June 2016 and is still very active in the Belgian community iin Poland. In 2015 he was awarded as Kreator Budownictwa 2015. In 2018 he gained the title of Osobowość Branży 2017. He is fluent in Dutch (mother tongue), French and English and communicate in Polish and German. Privately, he is married and has three children. His passions are windsurfing, snowboarding and football.

Julien vander Straeten - Member of the Board

Julien started his career as a nanny to be able to start his Digital consulting business, Yaska, in 2007.

In 2010 Julien moved to Poland to take over his deceased father’s company MP Polska that provides office design and fit out services.

While commuting between both Belgium and Poland also weekly, Julien decided to leverage the strengths of both countries and started a branch of his IT company in Poland and oppositely started a branch of his office design company in Belgium.

In 2019, Julien will get married with his girlfriend Laura who has been supporting him with all his trips and ventures.


Audit committee

Ronald Richardson

Ronald Richardson holds a Master's degree in economics of the Antwerp University. He started his career in banking (branch, credits, relationship management, IT) and became in 1991 CEO of Fortis Lease for Europe.

He has been working and living in Poland since 2002. At first, he was the President of Fortis Bank Polska and in 2005 he became the President of Kredyt Bank. Between 2008 - 2015 he was President of OKRE Development - a Belgian residential and office developer.




Tomasz Tomaszewski

Since 1986 Tomasz Tomaszewski has been involved in the international trade, banking and finance operations. He started as a tea trader in PHZ Agros. Next, he was trading goods under international barter transactions with Russia, Poland and the Western countries.

He was a representative in Poland of Centro Internationale Handelsbank AG, Austria responsible for trade finance operations. Since 1992 he has been the President of CEF International Ltd., the international debt collection company.

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