BELGIAN DAYS 2019: King's Day


Location: Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium, Senatorska 34, Warsaw

Celebration of King’s Day

Since 1886, King’s Day (Koningsdag, Fête du Roi, Fest des Königs) has been celebrated on November 15th, i.e. the name day of both Leopold and Albert, the names chosen for the first four heirs to the Belgian throne.

King’s Day is the occasion to cherish Belgium’s unity in its multilingual, multicultural and multi-confessional diversity. It is also the moment to rejoice in the solidity of Belgium’s ties with its many partners abroad.

To mark this ‘Royal Holiday’, a festive reception will be held to which Polish dignitaries, the diplomatic corps, business leaders, academia, representatives of civil society and the art scene, as well as the Belgians living in Poland, are invited.

In the sumptuous decor of the Mniszech Palace, seat of the Belgian Embassy, guests will be treated to Belgium’s  ‘Big Four’  (beer, fries, waffles and chocolates) and to typical Belgian culinary delights.

The event is by invitation only.

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