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Dr Anna Czarczyńska, Senior Consultant & Trainer Talent Chase

A graduate of WNE economics at the University of Warsaw and Sussex University European Studies Faculty, UK. She completed PhD studies at the University of Warsaw and obtained the title of Doctor of Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Warsaw, European problems. Graduate of post-graduate studies "Business Psychology for Managers" and "Project Management and Commercialization of the Research Results" Koźmiński University (ALK).

Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Kozminski University. Director of Postgraduate Studies "Academy of Managerial Competence" ALK based on AC/DC. Professor of Universidad de la Coruńa, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Business advisor, international consultant and trainer. Motivational speaker. She has many years of experience in designing and implementing assessment and development centres (AC/DC). She conducts workshops in the field of communication, negotiations, development of managerial and leadership competences. She implements projects of changes and transformations of organizational culture aimed at increasing business effectiveness and achieving business results of the organization. She has implemented projects for Netia, PKP, Johnson&Johnson, PZU, Ikea, Infor, European Personnel Development Institute, Deutsche Bank, training for KPWIG investment advisors, training for employees of the Polish Parliament, Mobil Oil Poland, Aviotex, ODR-y, Gulfiber, Stanley Poland, Continental Can Poland, JTT, Totolotek, Leo Burnett.

Vice-President of j.v. Morrow&Company (1991-1997). Assistant Professor at the Department of Macroeconomics and Foreign Trade Theory, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Warsaw University (1993-2004). President of SBS Exp. sp. z o.o. (2004 –2008). Assistant professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Warsaw (1998-2004). MBA lecturer, Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw (1999-2001). Ministry of Economy Economy Development Department (2008). Deputy Dean of the Management and Finance College of the Koźmiński University (2003-2007 and 2011-2013). Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Head of the Economic Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Helsinki (2008-2011). Expert of the Association of Warsaw and Mazovia Employers (2012-2013).

CASE Foundation research project on "Poland in transition" 1996, PHARE-FIESTA Committee for European Integration 1997. Consultant to the American Know how Foundation within the framework of the programme for Ukraine 1998. F. Skarbek Foundation's scholarship at WNE UW 1997/8. Fellowship of the Foundation for Polish Science 1997. Cooperation within the framework of the Adam Smith Centre E-Gospodarka Institute 2000. KBN Grant at WNE UW 1999/2001 and 2003/2005, individual grant KBN 1998/9.

Coordinator of the European social programme PARITEIA in Poland as part of the European Movement International (2005-2007). New Public Management Project EU COOPS (2010). Member of The international negotiation group of the Edinburgh School of Business in Strategic Negotiations (2004-2013). Adviser to the Polish Confederation of Private Employers (2003-2004), Certificate and membership of the International Project Management Association 2013, member of Rotary International.







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