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Remote work policies&procedures manual



  1. Environmental context:
  • history and the present-day needs (for remote work location)
  • future ...?


  1. Legal framework:
  • a brief review of the Polish Labour Code (caveat: not a lawyer)
    • hours of work vs. overtime
    • physical presence vs. accessibility
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Privacy vs. Confidentiality (RODO)


  1. Practical considerations:
  • creating work environment at home (virtual office reality)
    • basic equipment
    • IT connectivity
    • other
  1. Support & Supervision:
  • Communication
    • frequency & style
    • quality & quantity
  • e-Interactions
    • schedule& structure
    • the value of connection
  • diverse support for remote personnel


  1. Mental Health for Supervisors:
  • managing emotions (own and others)
  • managing decisions
  • asking for help


Magdalena Giryn, MBA, Senior Managing Partner Talent Chase, z kilkunastoletnim  doświadczeniem w biznesie, zdobytym w korporacjach międzynarodowych jak i czołowych firmach polskich. Pasjonatka współczesnego podejścia do HR, które łączy potęgę technologii i psychologii i doświadczenia. Od lat doradzam firmą jak osiągać ponadprzeciętne rezultaty poprzez podnoszenie efektywności zespołów. Jej misją życiową jest dzielenie się wiedzą o nowoczesnych technologiach, narzędziach i pomysłach wspierających zarządzanie, motywowanie ludzi.

I’m enthusiastic of  the modern approach to HR, which combines the power of technology and psychology and experience. For years I have been advising the company on how to achieve above-average results by increasing the efficiency of teams. Her life mission is to share knowledge about modern technologies, tools and ideas supporting management and motivating people. Hogan psychometric certified consultant.


Piotr S. Baranowski, PhD.
Piotr has Master's Degrees in Clinical Psychology and Rehabilitation, and a PhD in Health Recovery Sciences. His academic background has been complemented with over 30 years of experience in leadership positions and providing direct services and several fields, including: HR management, healthy workplace concepts, recruitment/retention, training, corporate health - wellness and labour relations. The vast majority of Piotr's professional experience comes from Canada and the US.





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