Meeting "New challenges on the labour market"


Location: European Unversity of Business, ul. Niedziałkowskiego 18, Poznań

On the 25th of May, 2017, the European University of Business in Poznan hosted an all-day scientific conference about challenges facing small and medium-sized enterprises on the European labour market. This conference was led by three companies: workforce planning and management company the Déhora Consultancy Group,  law firm Krotoski. Adwokaci and employment agency KS Service. As it concerned a scientific conference, not only people from companies struggling with employment issues were present, but also many prominent scientists and professors from the university that hosted this event attended. This interesting combination of people from different backgrounds resulted in many interesting discussions and it raised many questions about labour market dynamics.

The opening speech was given by Prof. zw. dr. hab. Tadeusz Mendel from the European University of Business and he was followed by Kamila Piernik- Wierzbowska – Attorney-at-law at Krotoski.Adwokaci. Her presentation was focused on the employment of foreign workers as a solution for labour market shortages. Kamila Piernik- Wierzbowska also discussed current and future changes to the labour law.

Another speaker was Katarzyna Soboczyńska from KS Service. Katarzyna explained how the supply of workers in Wielkopolska will change over the coming years and what factors will have an impact on this change. 

The last presentation was given by Łukasz Chodkowski from Déhora. The main focus of  his presentation was on challenges employers will have to deal with in the face of labour market changes. One of many other important issues that Łukasz talked about in his presentation, was the issue of sleep deprivation that many Polish workers are struggling with.  

After the presentations, all the attendees were invited to participate in a group discussion with professors from the university and moderated by Prof. Zw. Dr. Hab. Tadeusz Mendel. This group discussion was very fruitful and has provided the attendees with many interesting insights.

Finally, all the participants had the opportunity to attend lectures given by professors that participated in this event. Prof. Dr. Hab. Włodzimierz Kaczocha gave a lecture about discrimination of employees vs. business ethics. Prof. Dr. Hab. Piotr Kalka gave a lecture about Innovation policy in Poland and on the labour market. Prof. Dr. Hab. Tomasz Budnikowski gave a lecture about multiculturalism on the labour market explained by using the example of the German labour market. And lastly, Dr. Hab. Ryszard Świetakowski gave a lecture about recruitment strategies in a SMEs context. 

Once again, we would like to thank everyone for attending the conference and we hope that the insights gained by attending this conference will be viewed by attendees as being very useful and valuable. 


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