"Poland in the opinion of foreign investors" Press conference


Location: Centrum Prasowe PAP, ul. Bracka 6/8, Warszawa

14 bilateral chambers operating in Poland, had a great pleasure to organise "Poland in the opinion of foreign investors" press conference.

Press conference was opened by Paweł Borys, President of the Board, Polish development Fund. After opening Michael Kern, the general director of German-Polish Chamber of Commerce presented results of specialy prepared research . The last part of conference was debate with foreign investors and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, which gave our guests an oportunity to ask questions regarding polish recent economic situation and learn more about economic forecasts.

The most important information that appeared from the research and during debate, was that Poland is still on the second place in the ranking of the most attractive countries for investing. Our advantage is EU membership, quality of personnel, availability of sub-suppliers and better infrastructure. Unfortunately, foreign companies operating in Poland underline that the availability of qualified employees is clearly decreasing. 90% of investors however say, that they would invest in Poland again.

Attached you can find pdfs with press release and research results.




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