At Ghelamco, we believe that the real value of the construction process lies in the formation of the urban tissue. This is the vision we have been implementing for the past 30 years, irrespective of whether we are working on office buildings, residential estates, retail projects or sports centres.

Our aim is to apply inspiring architectural solutions and ensure efficiency and comfort as well as create user-friendly urban spaces. We know that we do not build for ourselves - we construct for cities and for the people who live and work in them. Thanks to our unflagging commitment to the values mentioned above, we are now the Polish market leader with respect to commercial real estate and sustainable development.

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Lhoist Polska Sp. z o.o., along with its production plants Lhoist Bukowa Sp. z o.o. in Bukowa and Zakłady Wapiennicze Lhoist S.A. (with its production units located in Tarnów Opolski, Górażdże, Wojcieszów and Częstochowa), belong to the Lhoist Group - a company with an international reach and a more than 100-year-old tradition.

We are a producer of lime and limestone products from the highest quality deposits. We offer our products, together with additional services, in the areas of logistics, technical advice, technological reports and promotion. Lime and limestone-based products have many applications in areas such as construction, agriculture, civil engineering, environmental protection, the steel industry, the pulp and paper industries, the glass industry and the chemical industry.

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Brussels Airlines is the Belgian airline group that offers the widest choice of flights to and from its base at Brussels Airport.

A fleet of 43 aircraft and about 3500 employees from the Brussels Airlines Group ensure around 300 punctual flights every day, connecting the capital of Europe with more than 60 prime European, African and US airports.

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Willemen Polska Sp. z o.o.

Design, fabrication and assembly of steel structures

We offer our customers a highly complementary range of building activities, from civil engineering and industrial construction to residential and non-residential projects to road building, either alone or in consortia. Such synergies not only open up many more opportunities to us but also strengthen the bond between our companies and our image.

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Present in Poland for 26 years, the French Institute of Management is focused on key management issues, strategy, finance, HR and marketing. There are 2 editions of its Executive MBA programme per year (spring and autumn editions).

The whole one-year course consists of seventeen two-day modules (Fridays and Saturdays) scheduled approximately every three/four weeks. All sessions are held in Polish. It's a tailor-made programme for enterprises and its classes are taught by practitioners - experienced managers. Teaching methods are based on case studies.

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