FIABILIS Consulting Group was established as a result of two essential facts: a dynamically developing social legislation environment and the need for information concerning changing regulations.

HR departments are not geared to monitor all these modifications on a continuous basis, often not having the necessary expertise internally, and being usually overworked and busy with daily administration. Omissions and overpayments on payroll are therefore bound to happen, in most cases due to lack of time and information. FIABILIS Consulting Group supports companies with an audit and the optimisation of their social costs. Through continuous monitoring and in-depth studies, our experts make sure our clients both fully benefit from their rights and comply with labour and tax law.

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Pralineo sp z o o

Pralineo is the official distributor of Leonidas chocolate in Poland. The first store opened in November 2017 in Tricity. Website:

Pralineo is the official distributor of Leonidas chocolate in Poland. The first store opened in November 2017 in Tricity. Website:

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ONE Smart Control is a Belgian company that makes electricity in buildings and homes smarter. All ONE Smart Control products serve the same purpose: to provide users and residents of a building with extra options by implementing a home automation system without increasing the complexity.

Imagine a home that knows what is important to you. A house that’s smart because it learns from every experience. A house that will help you save energy. A house that knows where you are and prepares for your return home, to provide ultimate comfort when you arrive. A home that watches over you and your family. Now imagine how easy it is for you to control this home through your smartphone or tablet, wherever, whenever. While ONE Smart Control takes care of the environment by minimising your energy consumption, you get to enjoy the luxury of the ultimate smart home.

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ABC Wiedzy provides services for both the public and the private sectors. For the public sector, these services are mainly connected with education, vocational education and European projects.

For the private sector, we are involved in import/export consulting for small and medium firms and the representation of foreign companies in Poland and France (as a commercial agent).

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N.V. Bekaert S.A. is a global technology and materials leader in advanced solutions based on steel wire transformation and coatings. Bekaert, established in 1880, is a global company with its headquarters in Zwevegem in Belgium.

Bekaert Poland is the local sales office of N.V. Beakert S.A. and has been operating on the Polish market since 1995. It mainly represents the Building Products division - materials produced from steel wire.

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