OKRE Development is the operating entity of groups which have been active on the international real estate market for over 30 years. Headquartered in Warsaw and with a branch in Poznań, the company has been active in Poland since 1997.

For each development, it provides design, feasibility and technical support as well as project management to investors. The shareholders are Otreco N.V., Kormico N.V., and Futurn N.V. of Belgium.

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ASB Poland

ASB provides accounting, tax, payroll and corporate services for international companies.

ASB provides accounting, tax, payroll and corporate services for international companies. 99% of our clients are medium-sized or large international companies, to whom we provide a comprehensive service package that allows them to focus on their key business while we deal with the ongoing administration of the company. All our employees speak English on a daily basis. In our offices in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we employ over 150 experienced specialists.

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We are a team of friends, engineers in search of new solutions to freely commute in our cities. Go to work, go to the bar, go shopping, all without constrain, without traffic jams, or sweat… and fast. At BZen, we design smart-electric city bikes for safe, clean, comfortable and sweat free commuting. A new way to enjoy our cities.

BZen is a seamless creation of minimalistic aesthetic and precise engineering The powerful electric support with up to 25 km/h performance allows sweat free, safe commuting while enjoying the freedom of biking. The Carbon Drive belt offers a quiet, lightweight and clean grease-free alternative to the traditional chain. BZen handcraft bikes are designed, engineered and made in Europe. BZen is one of the very few bike brands that manufacture its own frame in its workshop in Europe. This secures the quality of the completely tailor-made bike, with each component designed to provide the ultimate rider experience. With its lightweight, the bike can take you anywhere, making the journey easier whether it is up a hill, through the city, or on your usual bike path.

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Soprema Polska sp.zoo

For years, we have specialized in the production of high-class insulation materials, selling used bituminous products. Our customers can order directly from factories in Poland at competitive purchase prices or local products. We take care of the full availability of the offered products and the shortest delivery times. SOPREMA manufactures a full range of waterproofing and thermal insulation products. SOPREMA waterproofing systems are widely used. The products have been prepared to meet all the challenges posed by modern construction and renovation works.

QUALITY, SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT The JBŚN policy of the SOPREMA Group is based on our commitment to corporate social responsibility and consists of three main aspects and priorities that relate to each of them: Firstly, people, the circular economy and building tomorrow, focus on customer satisfaction and the use of the SOPREMA Group's products and services. They also include a vision of the future that aims to envision and propose solutions for sustainable construction. Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is an issue that permeates all these aspects. The Group's policy is based on the obligation to protect the natural environment, comply with the law, fulfill obligations regarding compliance and other requirements, as well as continuously improve the integrated management system "Quality, Safety, Natural Environment" (JBŚN).

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We refer to traditional Belgian pubs such as the Brussels Delirium Cafe, which is one of the most famous belgian pubs (and has beaten Guinness's record in the number of types of beer served).

A bar with a large number of fillers and advertising Belgian beer on the walls. In short: beer everywhere. In addition, the walls of raw brick - which brings to mind some Brussels pubs. In Brussels, most places are so climatic in this way, because the city's architecture is old. You can eat original Belgian fries (unfrozen) mussels and prawns in various ways and steak from Argentinian Angus sirloin. The pub hosts closed parties and presentations of Belgian beers.

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