Exhibition "Forgiveness and reconciliation", 9 June - 30 July 2017

From June 9 to July 30 2017 at the Ravenstein gallery in Brussels an exhibition entitled "Forgiveness and reconciliation - Cardinal Bolesław Kominek an unrecognized father of Europe" will be held (Free entry).

Bolesław Kominek, the archbishop of Wroclaw was convinced, in his own words, that “Nationalism was a thing of the past. Europe is the future.” In 1965, during the Vatican II Council, he drafted a letter that was cosigned by all the Polish bishops present in Rome, the Letter of the Polish bishops to their German brothers in Christ, which contained towards the end a sentence that became famous: “We forgive and we are asking for forgiveness”. German-Polish reconciliation was underway.

The exhibition is designed around three ‘acts’:
• In Hitler’s shadow: 1939-1945
• In Stalin’s shadow: 1945-1956
• Towards reconciliation: 1956-1974

Works of art, archival documents, personal and historical objects, museum installations uniting their powers of recall so
that the visitor can relive a double history: the tragic history of two peoples in confrontation and that of a single man who, initially only a ‘simple’ spectator of this history, grew to become one of its principal actors.

The exhibtion was co-designed and co-produced by the BBC's Member Company Tempora.

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