Marketing and Social Media Manager

Candidate Profile

  • A trustful and honest person with good level of energy. He or she is enthusiastic, curious and engaged in his/her professional activity. He/she is young, dynamic and loves biking in the city
  • A solid expertise on social media with minimum 3 to 5 years.
  • Interested in e-bike
  • Good relational skills, easy to connect and to engage a discussion with people.
  • Fluent in English and either in Dutch or in French. Knowledge in both French and Dutch as well as German will be a great advantage


BZEN – Company information

  • We are a team of friends, engineers in search of new solutions to freely commute in our cities. Go to work, go to the bar, go shopping, all without constrain, without traffic jams, or sweat… and fast
  • BZEN, design smart-electric city bikes for comfortable and sweat free commuting. Our bikes our one of the lightest e-bikes, very intuitive to ride.
  • BZEN bikes are the most sustainable solution for urban riders. Not only they will allow you to avoid the traffic and the parking problems, but also BZEN bikes are built to last. The handcrafted bicycle frames are made in Europe and the components are from the best quality and brands like Shimano from Japan or Gates from US. This is why we can have a minimalistic design, 14.4 kg and protect everything by integrating inside the frame (battery, electronics and cables). This makes the bike beautiful and comfortable.
  • Our core targets are the women (35-45 y-o) willing to breathe and to feel free while moving in their city. Biking to work or to meet friends.
  • The powerful electric support with up to 25 km/h performance allows sweat free, safe commuting while enjoying the freedom of biking. The Carbon Drive belt offers a quiet, lightweight and clean grease-free alternative to the traditional chain.


Job description

Social Media management

The person will be responsible to build BZEN bikes awareness and to generate Test Rides creating positive buzz regarding the brand and the products via:

  1. Defining the social media strategy and its visual expression
  2. Executing the social media campaigns
    • To choose the correct social media and managing paid social media campaign to reach bike sales goals
    • To plan our social media calendar and to post on social media
    • To get followers
    • To manage the budget
    • To measure and to analyse results. To report on metrics
  3. Maintaining the website and activate the e-shop: Information management, news, promotions
  4. Contributing to generate visual input for the posts (e.g. pictures or videos from events) and producing/mounting videos
  5. Managing blogs and building relationships with relevant influencers
  6. Google ads


  1. Develop and manage a newsletter.
  2. Ordering the appropriate advertising material for promotion and events
  3. Select the best event for BZEN in Belgium and in Germany.
  4. Participating to 2 events per year (Belgium and Germany) to understand the market, competition and to collect users’ insights

Ambassador network

  1. Expand the Ambassador net work by recruiting new Ambassadors
  2. Support and follow the Ambassadors in their role


Experience & expertise required:

  1. Urban, young, commuting by bike, eco life style
  2. Loves biking in the city. Interested in e-bike and in technology
  3. Grounded knowledge on how to build a brand on Social media. Experience – 3 to 5 years. Written communication skills in English
  4. Website and e-shop knowledge. Capability to do maintenance and promotion
  5. Experience with bloggers / influencers
  6. Experience in event organisation
  7. A social person


Package & conditions

Starting: Early 2020
Compensation: Monthly compensation + Quarterly bonus based on the number of bikes sold.  
Working location:  Warsaw or remotely if working from home - Expenses covered.

For more information / Interest
Send your CV + letter to:


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