REPORT - 'The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment. Contribution to the Polish economy in the past quarter century'

We would like to draw your attention to the following Report on the importance that Foreign Direct Investments have had in the development and growth of the Polish economy over the last 25 years.

The report itself was compiled by Polityka Insight in cooperation with 14 bilateral Chambers of Commerce, which represent the largest group of foreign investors operating on the Polish market. 

In the report we present to you the most up to date information and data on the directions and scale of foreign direct investment in Poland, which value has exceeded 712 billion PLN in 2016. Nearly 60% of the completed projects in the past year were undertaken by companies already present in Poland, where most of the profits were reinvested in our country.


The tax revenue through foreign investments increased on average by 2.7% per year, while the tax base in the last 25 years by nearly 12%. In addition, companies are investing in their employees, they support the development of their competencies and offer additional non-wage benefits. Foreign companies also support local communities and implement a number of initiatives aimed at popularizing the pattern of socially-responsible business.

The presence of foreign investors strengthens the technology and innovation transfer to our country, so that the entire Polish economy becomes more competitive and efficient.

We hope that the publication and all the included figures will meet your interest.

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