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Belgian Days in Warsaw and Wroclaw - 15.11 - 03.12.2014
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The Belgian Business Chamber would like to encourage you to take part in our events. Below you may find our upcoming programme.
More information about the Belgian Days 2014 can be found here.

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Belgian Business Chamber

19.11.2014 Mussels & Fries with a Belgian

20.11.2014 Polish-Belgian Mural - Unveiling

25.11.2014 Francis Alys exhibition at CSW
- Curator's Tour

27.11.2014 Belgian Beer Workshops

27.11.2014 Belgian Chocolate Workshops

27.11.2014 Belgian Beer and Chocolate

28.11.2014 Polish-Belgian Concert

29.11.2014 Polish-Belgian Walk with a

29.11 2014 Announcement of the result of
the 'Belgian Comic Book Heroes in
Warsaw' art contest

2-3.11.2014 Belgian Film Festival

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