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International Family Picnic - 06.09.2014
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Warsaw Build 2014 - Warsaw International Building & Interiors Exhibition “DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION”
Place: EXPO XXI, Prądzyńskiego 12/14, Warsaw
Date: 18.09 - 20.09.2014
Organisers: Lentewenc LLC, ITE Group Plc.
Patronage: BBC

Warsaw Build 2014 is an event dedicated to the business to business actions. The exhibition gives all participants the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and technologies which are using in the construction and finishing  industry. Meeting will include issues related to the need to implement the new EU requirements states that since 2020 each new building in Poland is to be energy efficient. It will be a challenge not only for the performers, on the final stage of ordering, but also for engineers, designers and architects. During the exhibition, there will be a lot of representatives from architectural firms, designers, owners of factories, engineers and also investors.

No entrance fee for visitors. There is also a possibility of presenting companies at the exhibition. For more information please contact via Ms Anna Rabiej, a.rabiej(at), 22 395 66 96; +48 698 054 116.


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The Belgian Business Chamber would like to encourage you to take part in our events. Below you may find our upcoming programme.
International Family Picnic
Date: 06.09.2014
BBC, Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce,
Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy

The International Family Picnic is a traditional event organised for the 5th time together by three Chambers of Commerce (the Belgian Business Chamber, the Polish-Portuguese and the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce).

More information soon.

Sponsorship offer (PL) I Sponsorship offer (EN)

Belgian Business Mixer in Warsaw
Date: 17.09.2014
Organiser: BBC

The Belgian Business Chamber has a pleasure to invite you to Belgian Business Mixer. The meeting offers a good opportunity to the BBC members, Belgians and other friends of the Chamber to broader their professional network and spend their evening in a very friendly atmosphere.

More information soon.



Speed Business Meeting in Katowice
Date: 09.10.2014
Organisers: BBC, French-Polish Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce

The Speed Business Meeting is a specific formula of meeting, which consists of number of sessions during which participants have the opportunity to gain new contacts, find customers, partners, investors, etc. For the second part of the event, all participants are invited to a cocktail.

More information soon.


Business Breakfast on Currency Risk
Date: 24.09.2014
Organisers: BBC
Partners: BNP Paribas, Igoria Trade

The BBC together with BNP Paribas and Igoria Trade have the pleasure to invite you to a meeting on Currency Risk covering the makro and the micro scale of the issue. The meeting will be divided into 2 parts: a general presentation and a workshop.

More information soon.


The European Fair of Regional Products
Place: Dolna Rówień Krupowa, Zakopane
Date: 10-17.08.2014
Organiser: The European Fair of Regional Products

The European Fair of Regional Products, now in its fifth year, is a celebration of the wonderful variety of food that is produced all over Europe and it offers producers, manufacturers, retailers, restaurants and  craftsmen  an excellent opportunity to talk about, taste and sell their many different products. It is the only event in this region that is genuinely dedicated to championing, supporting and promoting the best local food currently available.

The participation in the Fair is free of charge.


Honourable patronage:
Belgian Business Chamber

06.09.2014 International Family Picnic

17.09.2014 Belgian Business Mixer
in Warsaw

24.09.2014 Business Breakfast on
Currency Risk

27.09.2014 Speed Business Meeting
in Katowice
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