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Belgian Business Mixer with Brussels Invest and Export - 22.10.2014
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The Belgian Business Chamber would like to encourage you to take part in our events. Below you may find our upcoming programme.
Belgian Business Mixer with Brussels Invest and Export
Date: 22.10.2014
Organisers: BBC
Organiser and sponsor: Brussels Invest and Export

The Belgian Business Mixer will provide members and friends of the BBC with the opportunity to meet companies from Brussels coming to Poland as part of the Brussels Trade Mission in Urban Infrastructure. After a short presentation of the companies arriving from Belgium and their representatives by Nicolas Neve, Counsellor of Brussels Invest & Export, a stand-up buffet will be opened. 
Some representatives of the Polish contracting authorities for urban infrastructure (the City of Warsaw, GDDKiA, Ministry of Transport, Metro Warszawskie …etc.) should also be present at the Mixer as guests of BIE and the BBC.

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22.10.2014 Belgian Business Mixer with
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