Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

BBC webpage uses cookies, i.e.  files stored at the end user device (computer, smartphone or tablet) provided by servers and  giving statistical data regarding user’s activity in order to adapt webpage performance to the user’s needs and preferences. These files enable to recognize the user’s device and display  the webpage according to the user’s preferences.

The user may at  any time change his/her web browser settings and disable saving of the cookies, however opt-out from the cookies acceptance may cause some difficulties in the user experience and in the performance of the BBC webpage.

BBC webpage uses the following types of cookies:

  • first party cookies: i.e. which come from BBC as the administrator of its webpage.
  • third party cookies: i.e. placed by other entities than administrator of the BBC webpage.
  • session cookies:  files  temporarily stored on the user’s device until the end of the web browser session. Information saved are permanently removed from the device memory.
  • persistent cookies (permanent): stored on the user’s device until the are delated by the user or for the time specified in the cookie file parameters. End of the web browser session or turning of the device does not cause they  deletion from the device.

The user can prevent the storage of the cookies by using appropriate web browser setting. The way of changing the settings and cookies preferences can be found in the settings of the particular web browser used by the user; particularly the cookies files may be at any time delated by the user with help of available web browser functionalities. Limitation of the cookies preferences may influence on the BBC webpage functionality.

The settings of most of the web browsers enable automatic acceptance of the cookies files. The user may at any time solely change the cookies settings regarding the storage function of the  cookies in his/her web browser determining the terms of storage and obtaining access by the cookies files to the device. These changes can be made via your own web browser. The settings of the cookies files preferences enable automatic blocking the cookies service in the web browser settings or informing about each time  the cookies are placed on the user’s device. The user may disable the function of storage of the cookies  or set the web browser preferences so that the cookies are stored only for the duration of a given internet connection.

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